September 26, 2020

        Volunteering time and talent is a very personal undertaking. There may be any number of reasons an individual is drawn to becoming a volunteer. And there can be just as many positive outcomes for the volunteer, the agency, or the person receiving help.

        There are so many ways in which a volunteer is needed. Some examples are:

  • From helping out with administrative functions within an agency office, to helping a child keep up with schoolwork.

  • From painting a homeless shelter, to providing transportation.

  • From asking others to donate financially, to helping determine where those funds can best be used.

        The list of volunteering opportunities is vast and no one opportunity or amount of time to give is more or less important than the next. All volunteering is important, even critical, to helping our community thrive and grow as one. Each action brings us one step closer to improving lives, creating sustained changes and making an impact on our community. One guarantee is that someone’s life will be better.

Click here to view volunteer opportunities.

        If after viewing the Volunteer Database you do not see an opportunity of interest within your community, or for any further information, please contact Jodee Chizever (732) 247-3727 x27.

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