March 25, 2023


The New Americans of New Jersey Inc. (NANJ) is dedicated to enable immigrants and their families to gain financial independence and become contributing members of American society by providing support, resources, guidance, and educational opportunities..

According to the 2008 American Community Survey, approximately one out of every 5 people living in New Jersey was foreign born, and over the three decades, the proportion of New Americans in New Jersey increased more than 50%. New Americans come to the United States from different parts of the world, all walks of life and from different educational socioeconomic backgrounds.

NANJ recognized the urgent need to help this growing, yet vulnerable population transition to living in the United States so they can achieve the American dream.

NANJ was specifically created to help New Americans and their families access services, resources and support from social service agencies. We also partner with social service agencies, community organizations and local leaders to raise awareness of the challenges New Americans face, and work together to make New Jersey a safe and prosperous home for New Americans.Together as a community we can ensure a brighter future for us all.

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